How to Hack WhatsApp Without Access to Target Phone (100% Work)

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging programs today, with practically everyone using it. However, there are situations when we just want to hijack someone's WhatsApp account.

You'll be able to see their messages, attachments, and other app-related information this way. In this article, I'll go through every potential method for hacking WhatsApp without being caught.

Why Should You Consider Hacking Into Someone's WhatsApp Account? 

Ideally, you will come into one of the following instances, which will highlight the importance of WhatsApp hacking.

It is critical for parents to Spy WhatsApp conversations in order to learn who their children communicate with. 
You may learn about your child's current mood, what they speak about with their peers, and ensure that they are not bullied. 
You may also monitor your partner's chats using a WhatsApp hacking method. 
You might have all the evidence you need if you believe your lover is being unfaithful. 
Companies may use it to keep track on their staff and ensure that no critical information is leaked. 
How to Use Spy Apps to Hack WhatsApp (Undetectable Solutions) 
You may use a professional spy program to discover how to hack WhatsApp without having access to the target phone or being spotted by the other person.

SPY24 is the best WhatsApp hacking app for iPhone. 

SPY24 would be the finest option for hacking WhatsApp messages on an iPhone. The device tracker works with both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices and has a lot of capabilities. You can see all of their app-related information remotely, not just their messages.

You can examine their exchanged WhatsApp messages with contact and timestamp data on the SPY24 dashboard. 
The WhatsApp tracker will also show you all of your WhatsApp attachments, such as images and videos. 
You may also monitor WhatsApp's general activities (like for how many hours they have used the app). 
SPY24 can monitor their whereabouts as well as other social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and others. 
The other user will not be aware that you are following them since the SPY24 WhatsApp tracker operates in stealth mode. 
Simply follow this easy exercise to discover how to hack someone's WhatsApp without having access to their phone using SPY24.

How to Hack WhatsApp Without Access to Target Phone (100% Work)

Get your SPY24 membership first.

To begin, go to SPY24's official website and sign up for an active membership. From here, you may pick between a jailbroken or non-jailbroken device and a jailbroken or non-jailbroken version.

Subscription to SPY24 Step 2: Install the SPY24 tracker on your iPhone

If you choose the non-jailbroken version, be sure that their WhatsApp data is synchronized to iCloud. You may activate this option by going to their phone's WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

Install the SPY24 app on your iPhone-1. 
All you have to do now is enter into the same iCloud account where their WhatsApp backup is kept.

Install the SPY24 app on your iPhone-2. 
If you choose the non-jailbroken version (which offers more functionality), you may use Cydia to install the app.

Install the SPY24 app on your iPhone-3. 
Then, on the target iOS device, open the SPY24 tracker, log in to your account, and allow it permission to monitor the device in the background.

Step 3: Keep an eye on their WhatsApp conversations.

That concludes our discussion. Once your SPY24 account is set up, you can access to the dashboard and look at the "WhatsApp" area anytime you like. This will provide a full list of all the WhatsApp talks that have been exchanged, along with their timestamps.

Hoverwatch is the best WhatsApp hacking app for Android. 
With Hoverwatch, you can hijack WhatsApp messages on Android smartphones just as you can on an iPhone. The device tracker is simple to use and can be used to hack WhatsApp on all major Android devices.

You may read their WhatsApp messages from afar after you've finished setting up the Hoverwatch tracker. 
Every WhatsApp message would have the contact and timestamp information displayed next to it. 
You may also see the photographs, videos, voice notes, documents, and other media that they share on WhatsApp. 
To install the Hoverwatch tracker, you must first get access to the target device, after which you may engage its stealth mode to operate it secretly. 
Aside from that, Hoverwatch may be used to monitor other social networking applications, as well as their live location, phone histories, and more. 
Hoverwatch is a WhatsApp hacking app. 
How to Use WhatsApp's Web Version to Hack Someone's Account 
You can sync their WhatsApp to your PC if you have access to their phone. You may also use WhatsApp online to monitor their communications if you have access to their synced PC.

However, you should be aware that this WhatsApp hacking approach will inform the targeted person that you are watching them and that they may opt out at any time.

1. To understand how to hack WhatsApp on an iPhone or Android device, open the program and click to Settings > WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp web-1 is a tool that allows you to hack WhatsApp. Now, on your computer, open any browser (such as Chrome) and go to the WhatsApp website (

WhatsApp web-2 is a tool that allows you to hack WhatsApp. A special QR code will now appear on the screen, allowing you to sync your WhatsApp account. To scan and sync this code, just utilize the camera on the target device.

WhatsApp web-3 may be used to hack WhatsApp. 
That concludes our discussion. You may access their WhatsApp account on your computer after the authentication is complete. You may access their WhatsApp account from their computer if they have already linked their account to the WhatsApp site.


When the WhatsApp Web version is enabled, the other user will be alerted. 
They may log out of WhatsApp Web from their phone at any moment. 
How to Hack Someone's WhatsApp Account Using Their Phone Number 
WhatsApp accounts, as you may know, are tied to a registered phone number. Simply link the app to their phone number to understand how to read someone's WhatsApp conversations without their phone.

You must call their phone number at least once to input the unique authentication code for this strategy to operate. To discover how to hack WhatsApp on iPhone/Android, follow the instructions below.

1. If you are unable to contact them on a permanent basis, you may alter their registered phone number. To do so, open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Accounts > Change Number.

Using a Phone Number to Hack WhatsApp-1 2. To verify the new number, just input the old and new numbers and submit a unique authentication code.

3. That's all there is to it! You may reinstall WhatsApp and input the new number when their phone number has been changed. You may now access their WhatsApp account by entering the new login code.

2 Drawbacks of Using a Phone Number to Hack WhatsApp

Implementation is tough and has a low success rate. 
Will only give a short-term fix. 
How to Use Google Backup to Hack Someone's WhatsApp 
Finally, you may hack WhatsApp chats with the help of a previously stored backup on Google Drive. We'll look at the app's backup function to see whether we can use it to hack WhatsApp messages.

You may access the WhatsApp backup on any associated device after saving it to the Drive. However, you will only be able to see their old messages, and you will not be able to watch their WhatsApp data in real time.

1. First, ensure sure their WhatsApp conversations are stored to Google Drive. Simply go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup and choose the "Back up Now" option. You may also use this page to link an active Google account.

Google Backup-1 is a tool that may be used to hack WhatsApp. You may subsequently install WhatsApp on your phone and connect it to the same number after their WhatsApp backup has been saved. Also, double-check that your device is now linked to the same Google account as the backup.

3. When you reinstall WhatsApp later, you'll be given the opportunity to restore the Google backup. Simply press the "Restore" button and wait for your WhatsApp conversations to appear on your smartphone.

Google Backup-2 may be used to hack WhatsApp. Aside from that, there are third-party applications that can extract a stored Google backup and recover WhatsApp conversations. To get access to this, just go into their Google account and choose a suitable WhatsApp backup.


For this to work, you'll need to know their Google account details. 
It can only provide you access to their previous (saved) WhatsApp conversations. 
How to Use a Keylogger to Hack WhatsApp 
To steal their WhatsApp communications, you may also install a keylogger on the target device. Both Hoverwatch and SPY24, for example, have specific keylogging programs that record all keystrokes made on the device.

Once the setup is complete, you may activate the keylogger function and read the written messages in the designated part of your SPY24 account.

Because a keylogger records every keystroke, you'll be able to read their erased WhatsApp communications.

Using a Keylogger to Hack WhatsApp 
As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to hack WhatsApp chats. You can discover more about their comparison here to help you choose the best approach to hack WhatsApp messages.

How Can You Protect Your WhatsApp Account From Being Hacked? 
Because it is quite simple to hijack someone's WhatsApp account, you should follow the guidelines below to keep your account (and device) secure.

To begin, avoid forwarding your registered phone number to a large number of individuals so that they are unaware of your related account information. 
While Google/iCloud backup is convenient, you should turn off the automatic backup function to safeguard your data. 
Never give out your WhatsApp registration code (the one-time created code) to anybody else so they don't have access to your account. 
If you've connected your WhatsApp account to an iCloud or Google account, make sure it's safe by enabling two-factor authentication. 
Keep your phone visible and secure at all times to guarantee that no one may use it without your consent. 
Aside from using biometrics (such as a fingerprint lock) to secure your phone, you may also use another lock on the WhatsApp app. 
I'm certain that after reading this article, you'll be able to hack any user's WhatsApp conversations. A gadget monitoring software like SPY24 or Hoverwatch would be the best choice from the available possibilities. Try these ideas out for yourself, or share this article with others to educate them how to hack someone's WhatsApp account without being noticed.