xnspy download free

XNSPY download free: Most people spend their time looking at their computer or phone screens. We could also fall into this category. We constantly carry our smartphones with us. Talking to other people, sending messages and emails, shopping in online stores, and all that. Today, everything requires a smartphone. But who knew, someday these very phones could become our personal trackers.

With today's advanced technology, we can now easily find spyware for your phone or spyware that can monitor every human movement installed on your phone.

They have proven to be very helpful for caring parents who want to know what their children are doing during the day. Even employers use them to monitor their employees. A phone monitoring app can do wonders for your business when properly implemented.

Either way, if you’re an avid parent who wants to look after your children and can’t find the right tool for it. Then you are in the right place because we disassembled the solution for you.

In this article, we will talk about a well-known monitoring application for parents. Starting now!

xnspy download free

XNSPY Free Phone Espionage App

So, we will mainly discuss how you can use this XNSPY spyware to monitor your children and in what ways. However, this spy app for iPhone and Android phones is not a regular app downloaded from the Google Play Store or App Store. Why is that?

Because of the stigma attached to surveillance phone applications, they are not considered "tested" enough to be included in official mobile application stores. Although they are perfectly legal for use in the US. We'll talk about that later. But for now, please note, every known spyware, including XNSPY Free, is required to comply with U.S. surveillance laws.

  • Installation process

Of course, this is a difficult process if you need to install it on an iPhone that requires rooting/jailbreaking. But how we signed up for a spy app for Android with an embedded edition. Thus, the installation was less complicated. All we had to do was download and install the APK on the target phone. Then check the Xnspy dashboard using the credentials every other day. The APK xnspy download free file, login credentials, and installation guide were obtained in our email.

xnspy download free

Note: We have not tried the app on the iPhone, so the installation steps may be different and may take longer. But it’s nothing that calling their live support service won’t fix.


Of course, this will cost you something. As we mentioned earlier, this is a subscription-based service. And, for our part, it is quite cheap compared to all its well-known competitors in the field. Let's see:

The XNSPY phone monitoring app offers its basic version for $ 4.99 and the premium version for $ 7.49 for the same period (1 month).

Its competitor Spyera exhibits only one version, which can be purchased for $ 89 a month.

While another spyware program, FlexiSpy, releases its light version for $ 29.95 a month, the premium version for $ 68 a month, and pays for the extreme version for $ 199 every three months.

Features of monitoring

Now let’s move on to what can we do using XNSPY?

Actually, a lot. Therefore, we recommend that you disable any unnecessary features that you may not need. Otherwise, there is a good chance that the controlled device will start to heat up.

As for us, when we left on the phone for application testing, all the features are included.

In addition, this phone spy app collects a lot of data that you still won’t be able to sift through. Therefore, it is best to include only those features that will help you better control the children.

Another thing that caught my eye was that, although the app runs in complete stealth mode, not all features follow this rule. And we'll point to them by looking at the list of XNSPY features.

But first, let's look at the features we can use without the jailbreak version:

Phone Logs: This allows you to view all the details in the phone call logs monitored, such as the date, time, and caller ID of each call received or missed. You can also find the 5 best numbers that are most frequently contacted (called or visited).
Record surroundings or calls: you can listen to or record phone surroundings and calls.
Instant Messaging Spying: You can monitor all actions performed in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, Viber, Skype, Kik, Tinder, etc. To get all the features related to the instant app, to monitor your phone, you need to get the jailbreak version (so iOS users may not get this function without jailbreak).
Calendar and contacts: You can check all entries made in the target phone's calendar (appointments/events). Also, view all the contacts stored on your device.
Media files: This allows you to view all media files stored in the memory of the monitored device, such as photos, videos, and audio files. Again, we limited ourselves to viewing the photos. As an option, the full feature requires a root version of the phone spy app.
Internet usage: This feature includes an Internet browser history and bookmark pages. By developing this, you will also get a list of the top 10 websites visited on the target device.
GPS tracking: You can view your device's GPS history using the web app bar. IRL location settings and fencing capabilities are also available in the Android OS (but only with the jailbreak version for iOS).
Watch List Alerts: This is the unique feature that this spyware software offers. Using it, you can set alerts for different words, contacts, and/or places. And with the jailbreak-free version, we could only set instant alerts for certain contact numbers and words (for iMessages). The location tracking list is only enabled after receiving the root version.
Now let’s take a look at the additional features we got with our Android subscription:

Email: You can read all received and sent emails using this feature.
View/lock apps: You can view all the apps installed on your phone and check their usage history. You can even lock the app. However, this will not happen without your children noticing.
Remote Data Deletion: Using this feature, you can remotely delete data from the target device completely. As the equivalent of carrying out a reset to the factory. Of course, this is another obvious feature.
Phone lock: The application-forced phone lock is performed remotely. At the same time, a controlled device can only be unlocked if you have a password created by the app. So it’s helpful if parents don’t want their kids to be glued to phone screens and focused elsewhere. Yes, and your kids will notice this as soon as they try to unlock the phone.
U.S. Spyware Surveillance Laws for Android Phones

U.S. oversight laws are fairly straightforward. As long as parents or employers inform the user of the monitored device about their monitoring activities, it is 100% legal.

And that’s exactly what the XNSPY website continues about in its disclaimer, which guarantees the legal use of their app. Its illegal use may (but is not limited to) view your spouse’s, girlfriend’s, boyfriend’s, or partner’s devices without their knowledge.

If someone uses it to carry out the said illegal activity, only that person is responsible for any consequences of the legislation. And the company will cooperate with law enforcement in full.

Final score

It's time for you to sum it all up. First, we know that we have not compared XNSPY with any monitoring application for parents regarding its features and compatibility. However, we could gather a lot of information using it ourselves, for example:

Setting up the app took a while. We bought a subscription and set up a spy system in minutes. So, subscribing to their services, receiving their email, and setting up the app took 3 minutes (give or take).
Sometimes the test smartphone started to feel like a lot of work with it. Once it started heating up when all features were turned on. So you can say that the app is very hidden if it is not too tense, controlling everything. But this is rather expected and controllable.
The biggest concern for the app is its backup. As they are updated at different times, it may take some time before they appear on the dashboard. This means that it can be a big delay for some concerned parents (which may require a quick result).
The XNSPY smartphone spy app can be a great tool for monitoring your kids. As we’ve discussed, its features will help you tidy up their lives, help them focus on their improvement, and keep you safe under your remote supervision - all the time.
When it comes to tracking your kids ’phone activity, we believe XNSPY is the right choice. It costs you enough for all its features while providing excellent performance.
Finally, we encourage you to compare the app with other surveillance apps on your own. Oh, you can make the best choice for yourself and your children.